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Google London Head Offices, by Penson

As you would expect web giant Google’s new offices in London are anything but ordinary. It isn’t just about the work, the desks and computers. It is about the experience, innovation and inspiration. A company that truly practices what it preaches judging by their new head offices designed by Penson.

Some of it I like, some of it feels gimicky and some of it I am truly jealous of. The offices feature workstations, music studios, lounge areas, an auditorium, gaming rooms, flight pods, a park and many other areas that wouldn’t normally find their way in to your every day office.

The lounge areas, filled with sofas are called flight pods. White boards line the wall for engineers that want to doodle or need to pen an idea. Flight pods also solve acoustic issues giving a semi private environment to hold meetings.

Studios for Android web developers feature magnetic walls. Corridors resemble that of a space-ship leading to meeting rooms and auditoriums and are lined with stools to form additional informal meeting areas. Cleverly this means that the footprint working office space is increased.