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Pacific Place, Hong Kong by Thomas Heatherwick

Hot on the heels of my last shopping centre orientated blog post I have found a case study of another one in Hong Kong. I was actually looking for sculptural installation work by Thomas Heatherwick for a shopping centre project I am working on in England, when I came across Pacific Place. Thomas Heatherwick was commisioned to rennovate this shopping centre and it just looks incredible.

It ripples and flows organically from the external stone facade, through the interior surfaces, glass, mall edges and ceiling features, to intricate details such as lift cars and their calling buttons. Such is the sense of fluidity to the building Heatherwick has moved to soften all angular edges, one impressive instance of this, a new restaurant on the upper level, features skylights clad in timber with softened edges.

Flat surfaces have been cleverly manipulted using textura, textured wallpaper to add a sense of depth. I love the contrast of the timber against white with light washing in. I love the detail in the lifts and the floating rippled walls in the toilets.

To put Heatherwicks work in to perspective, over 1.6 million man-hours  were spent on rennovation work since commencing in 2007.

Images courtesy of Dezeen