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Westfield Sydney, Wonderwall

Shopping centres and Wonderwall together this time, I actually stumbled upon this when looking on the Wonderwall site over the weekend whilst writing the last blog post. The interiors of the new Westfield Sydney complex have been designed by Wonderwall, in conjunction with Robert Wardle Architects.

The interiors are incredibly characteristic of the Wonderwall style, sleek steel framed glass balustrades above stainless steel mall edges  reflect the design of A Bathing Ape. The use of routed timber panels on ceilings creates intimacy which is a nice juxtaposition considering its placement in a large public space. 

The shopping centre malls are split in to three zones over different floors, Luxury, Casual and Street. Wonderwall have used different materials in each to create moments of interest and evoke different emotions in different parts of the shopping centre. Wonderwall describe the Luxury area as having a ‘gentle moment’ to it. Casual as having ‘a freshness to the moment’ and Street having the ‘moment feeling distorted’

Westfield shopping centres in England are becoming known for their hotel like experience and welcome, once you are in the centre, (although I found the external welcome at Stratford actually quite poor). Judging from the pictures Westfield Sydney is no different. Plush marble floors and concierge desk, timber ceiling panels, beautiful reflective mall edges and escalators in atriums all contribute to the premium experience.

Images: Wonderwall