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Camper, House of Shoes, New York

I like Camper’s playful store designs. I have seen various throughout the world and they all adopt the same mantra, interaction and fun. From graffiti walls (here) and stairs to nowhere (here) to velvet tissues that line walls begging to be touched as they flap around in the breeze from outside, in Barcelona (here) and floating shoes (here).¬†Each and every store has its own identity or new twist, but is instantly recognisable as part of the Camper brand.

Their new Soho, New York store is no different. The store on entry appears to be without product. In its place a massive Camper logo adorns a red wall serrated at 45 degree angles, running down to the rear of the store. It is not until the customer travels further in to the store that product is actually revealed house in pidgeon holes in the reveals of the serated red wall. A nice playful touch.

Red vinyl lines on the concrete floor and corrugated ceiling lines follow the angles of the serrated feature wall. The space is topped off nicely with a moss covered cash desk, which the designers have of course ‘cleverly’ suggested blurs the lines between inside and out and installs ‘a sense of nature’. Cheesy words by the designer, aside it is another fine example of a store design that embodies the brands values.

Images via Dezeen