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Papabubble candy shop, Yokohama, Japan

I love this, another example of Japanese store design that takes its inspiration from Wonderwall’s design. This time in the form of an artisan candy shop in Yokohama, by Yuseke Seki.

The offer is caramel artesans, all made made by hand, the design of the store celebrates the process of making candy in a laboratory like setting. The store has a low ceiling and is low lit to give a dramatic feel. It is documented that each of the other stores in Japan and across the world is set up with the same laboratory look and feel. But it is the Yokohama branch that is the first design led store. 

Yuseke Seki in collaboration with Jamie Hayon extensively renovated the building in which the the new store sits. With the intention of connecting the new inside of the building with the 40 year old outside portion of the building. They did this by selecting a like for like brick tile for the inside of the store to match the appearance of the external.

I particularly like the timber service counters with softened corners at which the staff go to work on the candy with various tools and utensils, these work stations add a nice warmth and contrast to the otherwise clinical space.

Images from Retail Design Blog