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ICE CREAM & Billionaire Boys Club store by Wonderwall

Ok, so here’s a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s Billionaire Boys Club (BBC), brand design by Pharrell Williams, store design by Wonderwall. I’ve always loved the brand even though I would look absurd in their clothes. I owned and wore (very badly) one of their T-shirts when I was at Uni.

This particular store design in Hong Kong is comical, split between Ice Cream, over two floors and a further two floors above dedicated to the BBC brand. It looks like Disney land to me, I know I shouldn’t like it but i do.

The Ice Cream brands store concept is inspired by, you guessed it, ice cream and ice cream parlours. Product is displayed in fridge counters and showcases with brand messaging in menu positions above.

BBC is inspired by out of space, hence the cosmic appearance with moon like craters on floors and stars in space over walls and ceilings.

I know its comical, but I love the humour, I love that the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously and treats their stores as exhibition spaces with plenty of retail theatre.

Images via Retail Design Blog