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London Aquatic Centre by Zaha Hadid

If i designed such a magnificent building to host a sporting event watched by the public and then didn’t receive a single invitation or ticket to said sporting event I would be less than impressed.

The building has recently found its way back in to the news, not because the olympics start in less than 24 hours time, but sadly for the wrong reasons….Dezeen recently reported┬áthat a dispute has occured between LOCOG and the award winning architect over 600 tickets that have been sold to spectators that will have restricted views of the top diving board events.

Hadid argues that the brief was to provide 5000 seats with uninterrupted views. The design that has been delivered provides 8000 seats that meet that criteria, which suggests Zaha Hadid has done her job and deserves at least a ticket to the opening ceremony!

Whilst I know the stadiums have been erected and documented for some time now, I have only come across these photographs recently, and didn’t realise the full extent of the design, in particular the holding area at the base of the diving boards, and the glass enclosure behind the diving platforms. The use of concrete in these areas juxtaposed with clean, minimally framed glass is beautiful. The sheer volume of concrete used in the sculptural diving platform bases that curve up from the floor, is breathtaking.

The skylights penetrating the concrete ceiling in the training pool are uniform in appearance and further enhance the clinical beauty of this buildings interior through precision and contrast.

Concrete, glass, aluminium roofing, white tiles and white diffusers on skylights form the materials palette that give this building an edgy character. This building has serious attitude and I love it. Now I just need to find a couple of grand to get myself a ticket to get inside and see it first hand.