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Agency Feature Part 2: The Uncarved Block – The Galeries Victoria Food Court

The second piece of work the Uncarved Block had shortlisted in the 2012 Australian Interior Design Awards, was another food court. This time in The Galeries Victoria shopping centre. The previous food court was looking tired, located below ground level in Sydney’s CBD. Philip Chia came up with a new direction for the food court, one that would see it offer a new boutique style dining experience.

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After a few weeks break from blogging that was filled with business trips to Germany, Spain and France I am playing catch up. Here is a summary of some of the great things I have seen online over the last month. Ranging from showrooms and book stores, to hotels and offices. Not to mention a new hotel in Marseille that looks like a take on Shoreditch House by Philippe Starck.

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Does/is Retail Design Need to change?

Retail design creativity has to be driven by new innovative technological thinking. I’ve recently been considering the retail design situation in the high street and many recurring shopping centres. It’s becoming too static. Samey. New shopping centres like Westfield are regurgitating the same look and feel, and the same shopfits. Flagship has become roll out, or visa versa.

We work on Retail design and delivery in my agency, approving new shop designs in shopping centres all over the country. A common problem is that landlords are desperate to get big brands in to shopping centres and whilst they want the best look for their malls in terms of shop design, they do not want to rock the boat so much by demanding more elaborate, show stopping designs that results in tenants deciding to opt out. But as brand guardians, is of course our desire to see thought provoking or jaw dropping design.

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Bread and Butter, Berlin Jan 2012

I have worked with brands at several Bread and Butter shows over the last few years in Barcelona and Berlin. It is a great opportunity to have some creative freedom.

There have been several posts through different blogs over the last few weeks reporting on stands from this January’s show at Templehoff Airport. I’ve put together a collection of my favourites… Continue Reading